Wedding Albums

I’ve just returned from the Photo Expo in NYC, and I’m happy to report that I’ve brought back a half dozen new options for your photo album.  Whether your wedding is in the Catskills, Adirondacks, Hudson Valley or elsewhere, you’re wedding photos deserve to be more than just screen savers or heavy attachments in your email.

So, while I’ll continue to delivery rights-included digital files, I’ll also be offering photo books, and other beautiful wedding album options.

These books range from as little as $100 or so, for custom books you’ll share for years to come to around $500 for amazing one-of-a-king coffee table albums, your friends won’t believe contain your wedding photos – until they open them.

I intend to produce a sample or two soon, but in the meantime web images are available. I look forward to discussing these with you – and I look forward to ensuring your photos aren’t trapped on a CD or in cyberspace for months or years.

~ Jonathan Ment, photographer


Your Most Memorable Day

Long before I read the thoughts of others on the subject, I told several friends, colleagues and advisors the following: “It’s great to be a part of the most special day of most people’s lives.”  I’ll revise that here as part of the “most memorable day, “ the wedding day.

Theresa and the Admiral, 1971 Thunderbird, Windham NY in the Castskills
Theresa and the Admiral, 1971 Thunderbird, Windham NY in the Castskills

As a photographer, working to capture every special moment of the wedding day, it’s my job to preserve memories in photos (or sometimes video).  It’s also my pleasure.

If I see a butterfly on a guest’s shoulder, I’m taking the photo – ok, Ashton Kutcher, I’ve seen your Nikon ads – and whoever wrote them, knows what they’re doing.  Weddings are often outdoors at a time of year when the flutter-bys might make an unexpected appearance.

If the flower girl is just too shy for the job – isn’t that why you picked them, more great photos.

Tasha and Clarence get married, Catskill NY
Tasha and Clarence get married, Catskill NY

If the cake is great, the guests elated and the ’57 Chevy that brings you to the church too cool, more great photos.  You’re inside the car. You didn’t see what it looked like when it pulled up to the curb – but you picked it for a reason, right?

My job, that of any event photographer, is to capture all of these small details along with the big ones – the ceremony, the reception, your first dance as husband and wife.

It’s one of the most wonderful days of your life, and I get to be a part of it.  Others feel the same.  I’ll say that a few folks in the business are less enthusiastic.  If you get that vibe, no matter how shiny their website, or slick their sales pitch, run.  You want a photographer who’s genuinely happy to be there.  There are enough of us in the world, that you should be able to find one who’s a good match for you. ` Jonathan Ment, Photographer