The Grinning Groom

I’ve shot stone-faced grooms, photographed grooms that grimaced, and those that cry. At some point, most crack a smile – at least for an instant, or during portrait sessions.

On Saturday, I had the pleasure of working with the grinning groom, Daniel Rossignol. He was smiling when I met him, barefoot and getting dressed in the morning. When I asked, he said he didn’t think he’d be crying later.

He was smiling through the ceremony, dinner and every part of the party. I do not think I’ve photographed a groom who smiled quite so much.

Honestly, he’s set the benchmark high for apparently happy husbands to be.

Dan married Stephanie Pushmanthe Grinning Groom, and she was smiling too – almost as much as Dan. I think, when the portrait shoots were nearly done she was too – and the uneven ground, new shoes and warm afternoon contributed. But she was smiling.

Thanks Dan. It was great capturing your smile!


DJ to Consider

This weekend, inside Tannersville’s Villa Vosilla ‘Boutique Resort0.’ I met perhaps the most team-oriented DJs it’s been my pleasure to work with, Life of the Party’s Wendy (and Todd) Loucks from Oneonta. Sometimes as Photographer, I get to manage part of the party for optimum work flow. When there’s a capable DJ, often they fill that void. Sometimes, an incapable DJ can pave a rocky road we all must travel. Wendy took a team approach, doing her thing but also bringing me in and considering the needs of photo and video. Thank you.